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We, at takes your personal information and hence your privacy, very seriously.

This Privacy Policy set in place here applies to the website known as and/or any time that you voluntarily share your personal information with us.

We value all our customers’ privacy and you can be confident that we will assure your privacy in an appropriate manner.

By visiting the and/or using the products and services that are available on this website, you are agreeable to this Privacy Policy.

Please read this policy carefully. As the website and our business may constantly evolve, so will our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. You are advised to check our website on a frequent basis to keep yourself updated with any policy changes.

Unless otherwise stated, the current Privacy Policy applies to all information that we have about you and your account. If you choose to visit our website, your visit and any dispute over privacy is subject to this Privacy Policy and our Site’s Terms & Conditions.

By continuing to use this website, you are accepting the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions set in place and you express your consent to our collection, storage, use and disclosure of your personal information as set in this Policy. This policy is in effect as of January 1st, 2019 and applies to all current and new users.


You can most definitely browse our website without revealing any personal information about yourself. However, once you volunteer to us your personal information, you will no longer be anonymous to us.

The following personal information may be collected and stored:

Voluntary Information

   i.        All personal profile and contact information including but not limited to the following of email address, mobile number, mailing address, delivery address, name,
             date-of-birth and gender.

   ii.        All financial information such as credit card and bank account numbers.

   iii.        All transactional data based on your activities on the website such as buying and selling.

Automatic Information. Our server can automatically recognize information regarding the customer’s domain name for each and every visitor to our website. We may also automatically collect other non-personal information such as the type of browser used by the visitor, the last address of the website from which your visit to our website originated, the type of operating system you are using, the domain name of your internet service provider (ISP), and the pages you visit while on our website as well as the length of your visit..

Cookies. We use "cookies" (these are small files placed on your hard drive) on our website to facilitate the analysis of our website flow as well as do the following:

      i.        To allow better customization of our services to the end-user

     ii.        To allow better customization of our services that include but not limited to the following of content marketing

     iii.        To more effectively measure marketing and promotional efforts


Information that is collected about our customers is an important element of our operations. However, we will never in any way sell or rent out your information to any third party.

All information collected will facilitate our direct communication with you such as newsletters via email or physical mail and other forms of marketing campaigns that include but not limited to the following of sales and promotions.

We will also share customer information on a limited basis and via the following scenarios:

      i.      Third-party service providers such as delivery companies that will be carrying out the last-mile fulfillment (delivery of customer’s purchase).

              In this case, the delivery address and the contact information that you provide will be shared with the service provider.

    ii.       Companies and partners that may carry out certain functions on our behalf such as packaging and analysing data.

   iii.       Third parties giving promotional offers via marketing partnerships with us: Sometimes we send offers to selected groups of our registered users on behalf of other businesses.

              When we do this, we do not give that business your name and address. In the event, that you do not want to receive such offers, you can always adjust your

              communication preferences by sending us an email.

   iv.        Law enforcement or other governmental officials, in response to a verified request relating to a criminal investigation or alleged illegal activity

              such as scams/frauds. In such situations, we will disclose all relevant information to the investigation.


Occasionally, certain marketing and promotional activities through our website may be in collaborations with third parties, such as special promotions which may be linked with those from other unrelated third-party companies that offer you the option to share your personal information with the third party.

We will not in any way share your personal information with those third-party companies; only you can if you choose to do so. Links provided on our website to third party websites are provided as a convenience to users and we are in no control of those sites and their practices and terms and conditions.


We utilize SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology to help protect your personal information. By using an SSL-compatible browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera, you can help ensure that your personal identifiable information is unavailable to unauthorized users and processed confidentially. In any unlikely event that we believe that the website and your personal information have been in any way compromised, we will seek to notify you through the contact information that you have provided.


All users of our website are primarily responsible for the security of their user account on our website. The password you set upon setting up your account is the key to your account on our website. You are responsible for the safe-keeping of your own password and in no way should you share this information with anyone else. In the event that your password has been compromised or you have forgotten your password, you should immediately notify us.

We will never request for your password via any communication channel. In the event that you receive such a request, please report the incident to us via email immediately.


If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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