frequently asked questions

Q: How to create a buyer’s account and use the thelocalmart.sg?

A: Refer to How to Buy/Sell.

Q: How to sell on thelocalmart.sg?

A: Refer to How to Buy/Sell. (Note: Seller’s account will need to be approved by the admin before being able to list and sell products on the site. As of 1st June 2019, the site is currently only accepting Sellers who operate a brick-&-mortar store in local neighbourhood centres)

Q: How to request return and refund?

A: Refer to Return/Refund

Q: Who can join thelocalmart.sg as a buyer/seller?

A: The E-Marketplace accepts all Buyer accounts set-up without the need for approval. However, right now, the E-Marketplace is only open to sellers who have a brick-&- mortar store in neighbourhood centres in Singapore. This also goes a long way in assuring customers the actual legit presence of the seller rather than some “fly-by-night” sellers.

Q: How do I contact a Seller?

A: If you are a Buyer and will like to reach out to a Seller, you can use the “Contact Us” option on the Seller’s Profile or the Seller’s Product Listing.

Q: What are the delivery options available?

A: The E-Marketplace does not provide in-house logistics for the Seller. The Seller will have to provide its own delivery option and fee to the Buyer. The Buyer is to take note of the delivery option(s) and fee(s) and the necessary delivery terms and conditions for each Seller.

Q: What is the standard delivery schedule?

A: The Buyer is to note The Seller’s delivery terms and conditions as well as the schedule.

Unless otherwise stated, the E-Marketplace has the pre-set condition of no delivery to the following places:

- Changi Airport

- Alps Ave

- Sentosa

- Jurong Island

- (No) Mailbox Delivery

Unless otherwise stated, there is no delivery on Public Holidays and Sundays.

Q: What are the necessary procedures in case of a dispute?

A: In the event that the dispute is related to the product, the Buyer can opt to use the Refunds & Returns option from their account or contact the Seller via the listed contact information. For all other disputes and enquiries, the Buyer can choose to contact the E-Marketplace via email at info@thelocalmart.sg.

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